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Name: Packing Machine (valve port type)

Category: Powder packing machine

Model: KPV

Feature: Professional for powder filling, especially for valve type bags, and the packing speed can be controlled



This model has a feeding hopper on top as the buffer tank.

It includes weight scale system to control the dosing, fillings.

Bag clamping system composes of touching-sensor & bracket.

Pneumatic control system for material feeding, packing and bag clamping.

Design Highlights

• Packing scope: 0~30kg

• Automaticlly clamp the bag, the powder stored in hopper will load into the bag.

• The weighing apparatus will start to monitor the increasing volume.

• The fast filling valve will shut off when it gets to level "1" while the slow filling is activated.

• After arriving at level "2", filling process is completed and the bag is released.

• With height adjustable platform, it helps bag match the sealing machine.

• With air switch to control the air-sources.

Technical Parameter

1. This model s the intelligentized product, composed of controlling process, machine, electricity and gas.

2. Air pressure: 0.5+/-0.1mpa, ∮8mm air pipe connector.

3. Packing scope: 0 ~ 30KG.

4. This model includes the weight scale system.

5. The conveying belt is driven by 1.1kw electric motor.

6. The bag is clamped by the packing nozzle's outer cylinder head.

Product Application

It is widely used in packaging the fine powders, and often use in the industrials of pharmaceutical, food, animal feed, pesticide, dye, chemical, plastic, ceramic,shampoo, coating, putty, sand, mortar and other industries.