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For single machines
1. Upon receiving customer's consultation,our sales engineer will provide technology consulting
sheet, we will fill in 

   the customer's information to recommend appropriate products.

2. About non-standard design,our R&D Department will provide customized solution for users according to their 

  special processing requirement .

3. When sign cooperation contract, our product engineering Dep. will issue the equipment layout drawing for 

  customer checking, and discuss with customer to confirm the technical drawings.

4. We provide free trial running in our plant after assembly, and tell customer details of operation.We also offer training

   & caution guidance.

5. When the equipment arrive customer’s plant, we still continue to contact with customers, answer their questions,

     to ensure smooth operation of the product.

For production line & system project

1. Early in the project, we will have pre-project team to communicate with users. Project team consist of chemical process

   engineer, piping, structure, equipment, instrumentation and electrical engineers. We design the layout diagram, process

   flowchart diagram and extensive technical details.

2. In the initial basically confirmed design scheme,if project need,our engineer will visit there,so that both sides can 

   communicate to coordinate the system engineering, optimizing configuration.

3. When project in production, we will maintain closely contact with users, at the same time coordinate different departments

    to complete each work, ensure the equipment delivery timely.

4. After equipment land, we will send professional engineer to install and commissioning. In the installation process,

    our engineer will guide system testing. Finally ensure whole system is convenient for user operation.

5. In order to provide the most efficient service,we set up file for each user including the spare parts. We will keep their

    normal production continuously.

Users also can separately sign maintenance agreement with us for their whole plant‘s equipment.

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