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Name: Filling Machine (volumetric type)

Category: Liquid filling machine

Model: KLF-500ml

Feature: This model is professional for filling high viscous products, such as the cream, honey, ointment, cosmetic and so on



KLF-500ml Horizontal fluids filling machine is a series of products with good universality.

It's mainly used in quantitative filling of all kinds of bottles, cartridge containers.

Design Highlights

• It adopts entire closed or semi-closed type to fill cream, honey, colloid, liquid.

• High reiteration of filling weight and volume ensures the filling precision.

• It is suitable for multi-variety small batch packing in medicine, household and personal care chemical, foodstuff, 

   chemical industry, etc.

Working Principle

This filling machine adopts the type of filling above the liquid or cream. 

The design of unique spray gun is easy to operate. The filling is fast and accurate. It minimizes the leakage of the 

residual liquid at the end of perfusion. When filling, the operator simply moves the container to align the filling port of 

the container to the nozzle and presses the "start " button. The spray gun goes down automatically and empty barrel automatically removes tare.

Technical Parameter

1. Model: KLF-500

2. Filling scope: 0~500ml

3. Electrical source: 220V,50Hz/60Hz or customized

4. Power: 20W

5. Filling speed: 10-20 PCS/min

6. Filling precise: ± 0.2%

7. Air consumption: 0.1-0.3m3/h

8. Weight: 25kg

9. With feeding hopper for optional.

Product Application

This model is mainly used in quantitative filling of all kinds of cartridge containers.

It adopts entirely closed or semi-closed type to fill cream, colloid, liquid.

Such as daily chemical, beverage in foodstuff, pigment in chemical industry.