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Name: Filling Machine (for big drum)

Category: Liquid filling machine

Model: KMF-200L, KMF-300L

Feature: For filling big drums, such as 200Lit or 300Lit, and with the explosion-proof type for optional



This model adopts weight measuring system.

It is with high precision and will not be effected by materials.

Mainly used in industries such as oil, ink, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, chemicals,  --- etc.

Design Highlights

• Fill high viscosity liquid and can choose to equip conveying line and capping machine.

• Applied condition: Normal or explosion proof (optional).

• Application: Oily incendive agent, paint, oil paint, lubricant, edible oil,other explosive chemicals.

• Composition: Computer-aid quantitive filling, weighting system, frame, pneumatic control and control system.

• Feeding method: Continuous and stable feeding (feeding pump or hopper).

Technical Parameter

1. Filling scope: 0~300Liters.

2. Filling method: normal or flush type (optional).

3. The measurement error is ±0.2%

4. Weighing system: formed by weighing sensor, weighing platform which contains roller.

5. Pneumatic control system for fast and slow feeding.

6. Control system: Adopt intelligent control meter, with high precision and good stability.

7. Standard configure: Transmission pump, or pressure hopper, outlet pressure 3-5Kg, flow≥ 12m³ /h.

Product Application

Material viscosity: <=20,000 cps

Applied materials: all kind of liquid chemical products, such as coatings, paint, inks, flavors & fragrances, adhesives, 

dyes, petroleum, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, food, paper-making, pesticide, metallurgy, building materials, feedstuff, 

fodder, cream, etc.