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Name: KFS-400W Lab High-speed Mixer

Category: Lab disperser mixer

Model: KFS-400W

Feature: With various speed adjustment function, speed rpm is digital displayed & with clamp for fixing the tank/vessel



Lab High-speed Mixer is also called " Lab high-speed disperser ",  which is suitable to mix liquids or liquids with powders.

This machine is competent for mixing low or high viscous materials.

This model is widely used for lab testing, research & development.

With the " electro-magnetic " & " inverter " type speed controllings.

Design Highlights

• KFS-400W has very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc which reaches 8000rpm.

• The strong shearing, crashing and friction forces generated between the materials.

• Toothed disc disperse, dissolve and mix the materials efficiently.

• The large stress forces break down the agglomerates, and achieve symmetrical particles.

Technical Parameter

1. Motor: precise motor

2. Power: 400W

3. Power Supply: 220V,50HZ, single-phase

4. Speed Control:  various speed controlling

5. Speed: 0-8000RPM

6. Capacity: 0.3-1.5L

7. The contacting part materials is: SUS304

8. Other parts: Q235-A

9. Height Adjustment:  manual adjustment

10. With dispersing blade Φ50mm, Φ60mm, one 1.5Liters tank

11. Package: by standard wooden or carton box

Product Application

This model is suitable for the dispersion, mixing of laboratory small trials, and often applied in the industries of coatings, paint, inks, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. It is widely used in the industrial production of scientific research, new product development and small batch products.