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Food, refers to various finished goods and raw materials for people eat or drink, and both food and medicament according to traditional definition,but not including the goods which is for medical purposes.
From food health legislation and management point of view, general concept of food also covers: the food'aw material, raw material's planting, breeding process' contact material&the environment, food additive (such as preservative, thickener, defoaming agent, colorants, emulsifier, etc).

Our company have experience to cooperate with some food industry customer, such as: egg
yolk paste, strawberry jam, coffee, chocolate, tea, food additive, to solve their problems in production process.Our various stainless steel equipment achieve sanitary standard, so that the whole manufacture
 is completely in health status.

Recommend equipment:
High-shear emulsifier, Emulsion pump, Horizontal ribbon mixer, Horizontal coulter mixer, Plough blender, cone mixer, Three roll machine, and Food complete production line.

Recommended Equipment

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