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The resin is divided into two categories: natural resin and synthetic resin. Native resin is natural amorphous organic matter derived from the secretions of foliages and animals, such as rosin, amber, shellac, etc. Synthetic resin is chemically synthesized from simple organic compounds, or some natural products obtained by chemical reaction of the resin product.

Rosin and benzoin are natural resins;the phenolic resins, PVC resins and other are synthetic
resins.Manufacture of plastic resin is the main raw material, is also used to paint (the paint film-
forming material), adhesives and insulation materials. Resin has many types which are widely used in light industry and heavy industry, and our daily life.

Common unsaturated resin’s production is composed of stainless steel/enamel reactor, vertical distillation column, condenser, vertical, horizontal condenser, shrink tanks, dilution tanks, filtration equipment, pumps, heating and other auxiliary equipment , production process as the following diagram:

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